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RT/800 Turns Five!

RouteTrust’s Toll-Free Management System

After a beta period from January to March of 2017, RouteTrust’s RT/800 Toll-Free Management System first became publicly available in April of 2017. Five years after those humble beginnings RouteTrust now manages over 8.5 million Toll-Free numbers and processes hundreds of thousands of Toll-Free transactions per month for our customers. 

RT/800 contains a full suite of features that simplify Toll-Free management for all company sizes and employee skill levels. Whether you need daily Toll-Free provisioning, Template Management, Least Cost Origination, Disaster Recovery, Carrier and Local Switch Integration or Bulk Number Management, and more… RT/800 has features for everyone. 

RouteTrust believes in simplifying and automating Toll-Free management. If your Toll-Free management is stuck in the past, come and check RT/800 out! Remember to ask about RT/VUE and the Toll-Free Enhanced module for further insight into your data, including revenue and cost assurance…