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Russell Bierschbach
CEO, RouteTrust

Russell Bierschbach has over 25 years of experience in the architecture and development of software for the telecommunications industry. Throughout his career Russell has pioneered the modernization of legacy telecommunications software and infrastructure, utilizing cloud based computing and open source technology to create the next generation of telecommunication management systems.

As Managing Partner and CEO at RouteTrust, Russell’s focus is to simplify the operations and management of large scale telecommunications. RouteTrust’s core product is a cloud based Platform as a Service capable of handling tens of thousands of phone calls per second, while being managed via a single, easy to use, web-based interface. RouteTrust provides an expanding list of services, which currently includes Local Number management, Toll-Free Number management, Inventory Management, Least Cost Routing, Real-Time Reporting, Analytics and Monitoring, Rating, Billing and Call Detail Record (CDR) Reconciliation.

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