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RouteTrust Adds Value to USA Digital Communications’ Toll-Free Services

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 19, 2020 — RouteTrust, an RTX Solutions, LLC company, is proud to announce it has entered into an agreement to support USA Digital Communications, Inc.’s toll free management.

USA Digital Communications (USAD) is a twenty-year tenured data and voice solutions provider that specializes in serving the unique needs of commercial enterprises. USAD employs a geo-redundant, multi-carrier toll-free origination infrastructure, which gives customers unsurpassed call routing and business continuity flexibility. Visit to learn more.

“Our clients depend on USAD to provide high-quality toll-free voice at a competitive price point,” said Richard Costello, CEO of USA Digital. “It’s important for us to provide built-in disaster recovery and business continuity options for our customers. The RouteTrust solution met that requirement and more–it ticked all the boxes. The customizable routing templates allow us to overcome the rigid nature inherent to toll free routing and provide specialized solutions to meet each customer’s needs. This has a tremendous impact on our clients’ pricing and allows us to pre-build optional routing routines that can be immediately affected in the event of a local or national outage. The additional toolsets enhance our ability to provide superb service in the changing environment of toll-free services. We greatly appreciate RouteTrust’s understanding of the toll-free environment and their consultative approach.”

RouteTrust COO Michael Rothchild said, “Our Trident interface has proven to be a very robust and feature-rich progression of the RouteTrust platform. We are very excited to welcome USAD to our growing family of high-volume carrier customers.”

About RouteTrust
RouteTrust provides scalable telecommunications technology solutions designed to automate and simplify the day-to-day operations of enterprise and wholesale clients. RouteTrust’s services can be licensed individually, or as a part of a fully integrated, cloud-based, Class IV Soft Switch. RouteTrust specializes in automating repetitive functions, simplifying complex tasks, customizing user capabilities, and minimizing time needed to gain actionable insight. The RouteTrust team has decades of real-world experience in telecom operations and technology development. Be it API consolidation, data management, or call processing, the RouteTrust team makes systems that make a difference.

Michael Rothchild